When I introduce myself as a PR practitioner I’m used to the occasional cynical reaction. It happened to me the other day at a business-networking event. I wasn’t surprised and it was said in jest. Yes, the reputation of the PR industry has (ironically for a business dedicated to enhancing reputations!) long been a mixed one.

I explained to my new business contact that it was an unfortunate type of high profile political and celebrity spinmeister that had formed her tarnished view – creatures far removed from the vast majority of modern PR professionals.

Her opinion began to thaw and I went onto explain that today’s practitioner not only has to add significant value to their clients (we are in business after all), but in the communication age of social media, most PR bods have to act with absolute integrity as never before. If they don’t, they won’t get far.

The negative view of PR is, in fact, becoming increasingly redundant. Enlightened companies now have communications professionals in the C-Suite, helping to deliver strategy and communicate it to important stakeholders.

At Aria PR, acting with integrity and building and nurturing trust with clients and journalists alike is in our DNA. We deal in simple truths and communicate our clients’ stories to their customer base – and beyond.

The value of this can be measured in the coverage and enquiries they receive, the increased engagement with their customers and – in most cases – increased sales and reputation. We’re in the business of truth.

My new business contact convinced, she took my card and I’m looking forward to working with her in the future!