Brief: Provide Knipex, one of the world’s largest and well known manufacturer of pliers, with an effective UK PR presence, secure coverage in key construction and automotive titles and engage with their readership.

Aria PR’s solution: Using our vast experience and contacts we devised a PR plan which matched the Knipex UK sales strategy.

Due to the fact that Knipex is a long established brand, with a unique philosophy and culture, high on the priority list was media relations. We consequently organised a press trip to the incredible Knipex factory in Germany. The engagement between journalists and the dedicated, passionate people at Knipex, meant the brand ‘came alive’ in the minds of the press.

We also ensured products were placed in the hands of key product testers, making sure coverage on the large product range of pliers also focused on their unique features and huge strength.

To ensure engagement and pull-through sales, Aria PR created and designed a Knipex newsletter, sent to every reader who enquired about the pliers.

Aria also supports the UK team at Knipex and adds valuable capacity to their PR and marketing function, handling advertising copy, its reader enquiry database and elements of their design work.


  • Outstanding coverage in key construction and automotive titles in the UK, including company profiles, product tests, competitions and product launch news.
  • Engagement with the trade customer base; an ever-increasing database of reader enquiry numbers and therefore valuable sales leads.
  • Successful Knipex newsletter which directly communicates with the trade.
  • Increased media relations with key journals, with construction and automotive editors visiting the Knipex Wuppertal factory.
  • Produced award entry for the ErgoStrip, shortlisted for the Electrical Industry Awards